Monday, July 12, 2010

Trip To Malacca

I am back from Malacca , i think that my second time down to Malacca with the love one. This time is not that tiring , cause we go earlier so we can enjoy for the first day and the second day he start work for the Drift event. End of the month he have to go back to Malacca once again. But i don't think i'm following cause i might be in Singapore for that time. Well i will be back for Penang Mean Machines on October.

Anyhow Malacca still the same ,ofcourse i won't blog it once again , since the love one do blog about it . So you can always go to his blog to view the place that we had visit . Tomorrow i am flying to Taipei :) more things to update you guys what more about Taipei , this is my first time travel to Taipei :) hopefully i can shop more things ,cause they having sales now. More clothes to buy from there . Five days and i am coming back to Malaysia for two days and back to Singapore :) so ya i am flying here and there for this month.

Back to my Malacca trip , nothing much about the first day . Had my lunch once i reach there check in to get our hotel room. Take a rest till night , out for dinner and walk around Jonker Street. There's alot of people on weekends , so ya. Walk around search for food. No rain for the day :)the weather is really hot for the first day. Luckily the second day we went to the drift event was windy , cause Malacca rain for the afternoon :)

Posting up some pictures here , pictures means a thousand word. Sorry for the laziness , cause i am lazy to type more words.

A little walk at the mall , this is my second time visit the shopping complex at Malacca , not much about the mall , cause is not like what i expect .

Randomly we saw him giving out flyers :)
Look so funny with his sword and helmet .

In the middle of the mall , found out this kind of cute . Cause Kuala Lumpur don't have this Sushi
Boat . I never try this Sushi Boat , cause i am in Malacca i just wanna try out something new ,but not sushi .
Is a sushi boat , is not really big .Just enough for 20 people's to sit.

Interesting right ?

If you got a chance , maybe can try it out :) Cause look cute

A little shopping with the love one . Thanks to the love one ,cause he bought me a Puma Italia Jacket . Is pink in colour with Italia logo , and the football team pictures behind the jacket . Look nice , and i never see this selling at Kuala Lumpur or any outlet of Puma.

Now i got my polo- T italia with this italia jacket :)
Is L size ,cause there's no smaller size for me . Is okay , cause jacket always keep me warm when i need it .
Thanks bi !

the football team pictures of italia
Of course i would never forget about your Mighty Muggs ! Cause you so into it right now .

Other than that , i do got my self and the love one two mini fan . Cause Malacca is really hot and i think the mini fan can really help us alot when we under the hot sun :) Is really useful , i think you guys will like it cause is really cute . There's alot of different cartoon and different design for you to choose .

So i choose this two , cause buy two is more cheaper than you buy one . So we choose this little mushroom head and the little McDonald boy :)

this little McDonald boy look really cute :) chosen by the love one !
This gonna be mine !

This look cute as well , the love one gonna have this little mushroom boy :)
Shooting always under the sun , so he needs a mini mushroom fan follow him around .

this two little mini fan

his look so innocent

So into this McDonald mini fan now !

Feel like getting more mini fan , just because of their cuteness !

Not forgetting this few pictures that taken by the love one :)
luckily i got my mini fan with me , cause the FXOpen drift event is really hot !

my cutie McDonald mini fan
the love one cutie mushroom head mini fan :)

You could get more information from the love one blog , if you feel like going to Malacca .Get to know more about the Drift event as well :)

Few more hours i am flying to Taiwan :)

Leaving for five days !

Kind of missing the love one now , my stressful boyfie :)

I will be back on Friday !

More updates about my Taiwan Trip



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  1. Hope you had a great time in Malacca, and I agree - the temperature's not fit for human habitation here. That's the downside to living in a coastal city, I guess.

    Anyway, I have taken one of the pictures in this post for a review I did of that boat-shaped sushi bar. I hope you don't mind but if you do, I would be more than happy to take it down :)

    My Review of Sushi Boat


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